Dennis Maulsby

And All The Others

Dennis Maulsby: Remembering Willie, and all the othersIf you enjoy history for its drama, grand scale, or entertainment value you will not like this book. That cool perspective is only achieved by maintaining distance, as if you were above the earth watching from 20,000 feet.

In [Maulsby’s] reality, history is made up of millions of collective decisions of individuals trying to maintain their lives, however normal or desperate. In [this book], it is [Maulsby’s] intent to get you out of the clouds and into Vietnam’s bloody smoking mud. Join [him] if you will.

(Quoted from the Preface of Remembering Willie)

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Dennis MaulsbyWhen the Vietnam build-up was in process, Maulsby went through Infantry Officer Candidate School and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant. His frist assignment was Vietnam as a small unit leader providing combat support for the 25th Infantry Division. After spending six months in rural Vietnam he was transferred to Bien Hoa, just in time for the Tet Offensive. His poetry has been printed in the Des Moines Register, Stand Forth, Step Between, Speaking Leaves, the International War Veterans’ Poetry Archives, The Friendly Connection, Writetherapy, Peregrine and Lyical Iowa. Dennis is a member of the Iowa Poetry Association, The Society of Great River Poets, and the Fellowship of Quakers in the Arts.


Military Writers Society of America
Military Writers Society of America (MWSA)
2005 Silver Medal Award for Poetry!!


Author: Dennis Maulsby
Publisher: NSL Publishing
Reviewer: Bill McDonald - President of the MWSA

You will never read another book of poetry again like the one that Vietnam veteran poet, Dennis Maulsby has written. It is a work that defines the emotional essence of what the war felt like to those of us who served there. It reaches inside your skull and your heart and rips them apart with such visual imagery that it leaves you breathless at times, with your heart beating faster than it should be. But as you put down the written words, the inner verbiage still continues rolling around inside your head seeking comfort from wars and despair.

But his poetry is much more than just war as it embraces the dreams of young soldiers who still have memories of good times at Myrtle Beach of 1968. Then he hits you with his poem, “Aging Warrior”, which takes you full circle emotionally and spiritually.

These poems will create different reactions in the readers based on their own view of life and death and war – that is the magic of Maulsby’s poetry. It is much like a modern art painting subject to inner and very personal views of what is on the canvas; in this case, what he has on the printed page.

Dennis Maulsby is no doubt one of the top 10 poets to come out of the Vietnam War era. His book is on the “MWSA Recommended Poetry Books List” to read for a good reason – it is a literary voyage that should be taken and experienced.

Author’s Note: I learned last week that my book of Vietnam poetry, “Remembering Willie” garnered an additional award. In 2005 it won a silver medal award from the Military Writers Society of America. This year a second place award in the Branson Flags and Stars contest.

Dennis Maulsby
October 23, 2009