MajGen (Rtd) Lewis MacKenzie CM, OOnt, OStJ, MSC2, CD

A Life in the Shadow of War

Lew MacKenzie: Soldiers Made Me Look Good“There are few occupations that can generate the euphoric high that every infanteer experiences with his or her fellow soldiers, when the event that generated the pain in the first place is blessedly over.”

FROM ONE OF Canada’s most outspoken public affairs commentators, Soldiers Made Me Look Good: A Life in the Shadow of War offers an insider’s view of the Canadian Forces past and present, at home and abroad. Here, Major –General (ret’d) Lewis MacKenzie follows up on his previous bestseller, Peacekeeper: The Road to Sarajevo, offering trenchant views on leadership, a no-holds-barred reply to his critics and an insightful analysis of the role of Canada’s military on the international stage today.

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Lew MacKenzie: Soldiers Made Me Look Good (

Book Review by William H.A. Willbond MSM, CD: If you want a decent Christmas gift for family and friends, this is an excellent read and an eye opener of the first order. It is a must have on your own personal bookshelf. I picked up a copy at Bolen’s book store in Victoria BC, so it is now on the book shelves all across this great Nation. I am picking up another copy for my friend Anthony William Pahl OAM (his Christmas Gift). Tony runs the International War Veterans Poetry Archives in Australia.

Retired Major General Lewis MacKenzie, the only Canadian to ever be awarded two Meritorious Service Crosses (MSMs), is a world class humanitarian and the National Patron of ICROSS CANADA. He always led from the front and his soldiers respected him. In this book, he claims soldiers made him look good, however it was his leadership abilities that were admired and respected by the men who followed him in harm’s way. A no nonsense leader, he expected and received loyalty – he led from the front