A.R. “David” Lewis

War Poems by A.R. Lewis

A.R. (David) Lewis: A Field of Red Poppies“What sets apart Lewis’ writing from others who have attempted to tackle this subject (aside from drawing on personal experience) is that each and every poem completely engages ones senses – sight, sound and smell. So much so that once can almost reach out and touch the things that Lewis describes.

This collection of poetry is remarkable, and a wonderful sequel to The Cup and Saucer Tree.”

David Taub
Member of the National Union of Journalists
Feature columnists for Poetry Now Magazine

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A.R. (David) LewisThe Author served in H.M. Welsh Guards from January 1938 to April 1946 taking part in the Dunkirk evacuation, and the invasion of Europe. His poems and short stories show his dislike of war, whilst agreeing that sometimes it appears to be the only solution. The lack of compassion for those suffering Trauma (shell shock) shown by Generals and Politicians, especially to the under age soldiers shot for supposed cowardice, is still a cause for deep concern.