Mark I. Kirkmeyer

Some Wounds Aren’t Seen

Mark I. Kirkmeyer: Battle Scars: Some Wounds Aren’t SeenBattle Scars: Some Wounds Aren’t Seen is a collection of poems written by a veteran as he struggles through post-war life. He deals with the daily conflict of receiving care from the Veterans’ Administration and breaking through the plausible deniability of the Government, including the Department of defense. The poems flow with the emotions of the poet—sometimes dark and morbid, light and enthusiastic, realistic, mythic.

Writing these poems has granted therapy that the Veterans’ Administration, in their confrontational perspective, was unable to grant. This therapy begins by putting pen to paper or flesh to keyboard and allowing emotions to flow constructively into poetry. At this point is does not matter whether the poetry is “good” or not, its purpose is to allow release. If others enjoy or find insight in your poetry, it is a bonus.

ISBN 1-4241-5023-X

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MARK IRVIN KIRKMEYER served from 1983 through 1995 in the United States Army. He spent time in North, Central, and South America, East and South-west Asia, and the Caribbean, Mark has received five Double Tap Awards for War Poetry and was the June 2006 Bronze Helmet Top Poet Award recipient.

Review: If you want to begin to understand the roller-coaster ride of a war veteran with post traumatic stress (PTSD), don’t fail to purchase this book. Each poem is a story… each story is a learning experience. Well done Mark, true and faithful patriot!

Anthony W. Pahl OAM
IWVPA Webmaster
December 3, 2006