Jackie R. Kays

A Man-Hunt For Vietnam War Draft Evaders

Jackie R. Kays: The Stone ThrowersThis novel reflects the disappointment and rage felt by many Vietnam Veterans upon their return to the USA in regards to the actions of the Vietnam Draft dodgers. In this fictional story, Kays allows his imagination and talent to describe the effects and consequences when that rage is manifested into a covert action by a selected few ex-military personnel, who plan, plot and commit premeditated murder in the name of justice.

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Jackie R. KaysJackie R. Kays, poet and novelist, was born in 1933 in the small town of Sedalia, Missouri. He quit high school in 1950 and enlisted in the USAF and served in Vietnam in 1965 as a Military Policeman. After being injured in Vietnam, Jackie was medically discharged in 1966. More of Jackie’s writings are included on the IWVPA website and on the Poets 2000 website