Guy L. Jones


Guy L. Jones: Reflections On Vietnam: A Book Of PoemsThe poems in this book tell the tale of how a man has tried to cope with PTSD in his everyday life. These poems where written so that the reader can understand the pain that is carry in ones life. The reader can understand the visions of war that are a part of man’s everyday life.

War often tears at the soul of a man and his mind. If he is lucky to escape the bullets he cannot escape the memories that come flooding back in his daily life. My poems are filled with raw emotions that can carry the reader along as they read each and every line in these pages. The sights and sounds of war and death can live on in a person’s soul which what I hope the reader can feel as they read each and every poem.

Review: This book of poems covers a serious subject. The author lets you experience the war through his eyes. A person reading these poems can get a clear perspective of what the war was really like for all those soldiers.

The reader is taken into the jungles of Vietnam and you read about the love of his life and then you are taken to The Wall; The black granite memorial that stands for all the soldiers taken in their prime of life.

These poems tell a story of how a boy goes to war and comes back a man. The memories of fallen comrades stay with a soldier for the rest of his life. Vietnam was and is still a struggle for the men who came back home.

These are powerful poems. It is a wonderful read.

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Guy L. Jones is a Vietnam and Gulf War Veteran. He served with Co A and HQ, 43rd Signal Battalion, 22nd Signal Group, 1st Signal Brigade in Pleiku, Vietnam (MAC V compound) during November 1968 ~ October 1969, and in Desert Storm with the 479th PSC, January 1991 – May 1991