International War Veterans’ Poetry Archives

Tears from Distant Wars

IWVPA: Who Will Cry for the Soldiers?

ISBN 978-1-291-26603-0

An Anthology of over 300 modern war poems, narratives, prose and short stories
written by 27 contributors from Australia, America, Canada and New Zealand,
all of whom have writings included on the

The poems were selected by
Anthony “Bushranger” Pahl
Mike “Subs” Subritzky
with the full co-operation of the authors

The Book is dedicated to the Peacekeepers of the World
and to the Men and Women of the Armed Forces of the Free World
who have been, are and will be in harm’s way

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Who Will Cry For The Soldiers: Tears From Distant Wars

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A Note From Becky Haskell

Becky Haskell
Becky Haskell
Hi, my name is Becky Haskell, and I am Christina Sharik’s sister and mother of Lance Corporal Dustin Haskell, USMC.

I just wanted to drop you a letter and let you know that I finally received my copy of the book, “Who Will Cry for the Soldiers?” and wanted to let you know that I do… I cry for the soldiers. Every time I open the book, I cry again.

The poems reach into my soul and touch me deeply, and I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done to give voice to all the poets who contributed, and the ones who are still contributing to your site.

I recently kissed goodbye to another of my sons and sent him off to boot camp – for the USAF this time instead of the Marines. He has chosen to become an Explosives Ordinance Disposal Specialist… if he makes the grade.

When people ask me how can I stand having another son join the military, I know that I can never express how proud I am that they are choosing to serve, or how proud I am of those that have gone before them, and sacrificed so much. Some people will never understand.

Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart

Becky Haskell
February 9, 2004
Reproduced with permission


Paul F. McCann
Paul F. McCann
Hello again Anthony,

I just wanted to let you know I have had so many comments about the IWVPA 2003 Anthology.

The most recent statement came from a retired man who works for the church as secretary. He read the book on the plane at the weekend as he flew to Melbourne to see his son. When he returned, Michael said to me that there are some very powerful writings in the book.

All the copies I had were sold; the most recent was purchased buy the Parish for Father Columba, the Catholic Priest in our village.

I donated one to our local library and they have it on display on the shelf there.

So Anthony what a blessed collection of people and poetry works.

Thanks again to you for all the hard work and all the time you took in getting the Anthology published.

Paul McCann
25 March 2004

A Letter From John Ralston Saul

IWVPA: Who Will Cry for the Soldiers

(Below is an explanatory note from Billy Willbond regarding the May 5, 2004 letter from John Ralston Saul about the IWVPA Anthology, “Who Will Cry for the Soldiers”. Billy is a contributor to the IWVPA website and the Anthology)

Just a short note to let the Aussie Bard and the Kiwi Kipling know that their/our (anthology/book), “Who will cry for the Soldiers”, was found to be very “moving” by His Excellency John Ralston Saul, (husband of our Canadian Governor General), who I met briefly, in early December last, at Government House, in our Capital City of Ottawa.

On return to Vancouver Island, I sent him (and the GG) a copy of our book as a belated Christmas present, mainly because he is a very strong advocate for the global removal of land mines, a quest near and dear to the hearts of our CAVUNP Chapter Members, Brian and Carol Isfeld and the members of our Veterans Chapter.

His letter re our anthology is attached.

John Ralston Saul is a very well known Canadian author and his positive comments re the soldier poets, are very meaningful, indeed.

Many Blessings,
May 12, 2004

(A Message to Brian Riggir, the printer of both IWVPA Anthologies, “Poems from Distant Wars” and “Who Will Cry for the Soldiers – Tears from Distant Wars”)

Hi Brian.

Just wanted to pass this on to you.

Gave my son his copies of the books I ordered from you. He took them to school with him to read between classes (he is a school teacher) and some of his students started to take them off his desk to read. The students thought they were great and were passing them around when they finished them. To make a long story short, my son donated the books to the school library in my name.

Please pass on to all the writers who submitted poems that they can be found in the Cambridge-Isanti High School Library in Cambridge, Minnesota. Right now there is a waiting list to check them out. Bet they didn’t think they would be in a school library.

Take care,
Terry Weibel
May 12, 2004

(This is a follow-up note from Randy E. Richmond, a contributor to both Anthologies.)

Terry is a friend from another [Yahoo] group comprised of Long Binh Vietnam vets. He has even shared our anthologies with his fellow 4th Infantry comrades at their annual get-togethers. Needless to say, I too was very touched when he, after receiving a copy of the second anthology, asked for details on how to order more… not just the latest, but also the first!

Don’t know about the rest of you but this kind of response is more than I could have hoped for. Making one small difference in someone’s day, causing a tiny pause of thought or even a tear to form… aren’t these the very reasons we do what we do and the best payment we could receive?

I think I already have your answers and it is an honor to be included and accepted as one of you… warts and all!

Randy E. Richmond
May 13, 2004

Canadian Prime Minister: February 15, 2012

Our PM [Canadian] really liked the updated version of the IWVPA Anthology – nice words attached my brother [even if it has the wrong year shown].

Billy Willbond
March 5, 2013