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Helicopter Stories

Jan Hornung: Spinning Tails ~ Helicopter StoriesFrom the jungles of Vietnam to the heavens of Hawaii, across the world from New Zealand to America, and around-the-world flights, you’ll fly with pilots, crew members, soldiers, nurses, and adventure seekers.

Join Huey 091 in her journey from Vietnam to a backyard wedding decades later. Fly in the battles of wartime helicopter crews. Find out why sot-tie people dream of helicopter flight, while others have nightmares of the memories.

Laugh at flight follies, admire heroes of the flight line, crash midair into another helicopter, and use in-flight emergency procedures when you hear, “You’re on Fire!”

More than thirty writers contributed stories, poems, and insights that represent myriad adventures, heartaches, ecstasies, horrors, and wonders that helicopters have to offer, Helicopter history, winged wisdom, and flight facts are scattered throughout the book.

Strap by hang on, and get ready for the flight of your life.

“Tower, Spinning Tails ready for takeoff.”

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Jan Hornung
Jan Hornung

Jan Hornung served her country as a UH-1 helicopter pilot in the 1980s before she became an author. As a woman in the military and friend to many Vietnam veterans, she pays tribute with this book to the unsung heroines of Vietnam – the women. Jan is the author of “This Is The Truth As Far As I Know”, “I Could Be Wrong” and “KISS the Sky: Helicopter Tales”.