Van E. Harl

A Children’s Story

Written by
Major Van Harl USAF Ret.
Illustrated by
SSgt. Richard Gipple

“Arnie the Aladdin Lamp goes to Alaska” is a children’s story about an Aladdin kerosene lamp named ARNIE, his owner and their great adventures in Canada and Alaska. The story takes place in 1942, during the building of the Alaska Highway and Elmendorf Army Air Field in Anchorage, Alaska. Children enjoy the story and love ARNIE. What they do not realize is they are getting a history lesson while reading the story. The story was written by Major Van Harl, USAF Ret. (Security Police) and illustrated by SSgt. Richard Gipple (who is active duty Air Force / Security Forces).

Combat injured Air Force / Security Forces “Cops”

The above children’s story “ARNIE”, is on sale as a fundraiser for combat injured Air Force/Security Force “COPS.” Sales of “ARNIE” raised “$2000.00 for Senior Airman Brian Kolfage, who lost three limbs during a mortar attack in Iraq.

There are other combat injured Air Force “COPS” who are being assisted by the “Proud Warrior” fund, spearheaded by the Eagle Chapter (D.C. area) of the Air Force Security Police Association. Copies of “Arnie” continue to be on sale. Effectively 13 December 2004, profits from future sales will be sent to the “Proud Warrior” fund. They will be used to help support our Air Force “COPS” with serious combat related injuries sustained, while serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and other locations that put “COPS” in harms way.

With Christmas coming “ARNIE” would make a great gift for a child. The fact that the profits raised will be sent to a veteran in need makes the book an extra special gift to give this holiday season. Again all profits from the sale of “ARNIE” will be sent to the “Proud Warrior” fund, with the sole purpose to help our combat injured Air Force “COPS.” A complete accounting of sales will be shared with the Air Force Security Police Association.

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