Charlene Edwards

The tragedies and triumphs of Americans and Vietnamese -
two peoples forever entwined by the legacy of war

Charlene Edwards: Voices from VietnamThe Americans called it the Vietnam War—the Vietnamese refer to it as the American War. By whatever name, it was a great tragedy. And although the shooting stopped in April 1975, the war and its aftermath rage on in a different way—in the consciousness of Americans and Vietnamese alike.

Through powerful personal narratives and photographs, Voices From Vietnam revisits the emotions and experiences that have defined the lives of the men, women and children affected by this war—American and Vietnamese—on the battlefront and at home. It relays how extraordinary men and women who still carry with them the visible—and more often invisible—scars of war have sought to overcome the horrors of this experience and how it has transformed their lives.

Experience the personal reflections of yesterday’s war with today’s perspective in the words of General Westmoreland, Kim Phuc (the napalm girl), Cardinal O’Connor, Ambassador Le Van Bang, David Dellinger (the Chicago Seven) and many others in this unique, 264 page, beautifully designed 10x10 coffee-table book. Voices From Vietnam not only includes 70 inspiring stories and over 170 captivating photographs taken during the war and some thirty years later, a chronology, map and index, but also an extensive resource guide of agencies providing support services to those American veterans, Vietnamese and Amerasians needing assistance in healing the wounds of war.

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Charlene EdwardsAs a photographer, writer and explorer Charlene Edwards has journeyed to seven continents, had her work exhibited in many galleries and has been published in such periodicals as the New York Times, Daily News, Boston Globe, Manhattan Arts, and the Chicago Tribune. She was the set photographer and photo and writing researcher for The Class Of The 20th Century, a landmark twelve-hour series for the Arts and Entertainment Network that won an ACE Award for its documentary excellence. Ms. Edwards has dedicated the last ten years to creating the book Voices From Vietnam.