David J. Delaney


David J. Delaney: My Small Book of PoemsThe release of my 1st book in May 2007 has been one incredible step for me. The size of my book was purposely done to gauge the reaction of the public. The response was both humbling and amazing, with comments from the likes of John Williamson, Mel from Sunrise, Steve Ahmet from Easylistening 846, Pat Morrish of Far North ABC Radio and many others including my 1st live performance at the Yorkeys Knob Australia day celebrations. This has inspired me to keep writing and I now offer to you my 2nd volume –

The leading poem in this book sums up how I feel about my writing, as I write for you! The average mums and dads, the average Aussie who enjoys a story that will open their memory to a time they fondly remember. I write for my family about my family and I write for my friends, but most of all “I love writing because I love writing”, as in this lead poem, I quote:

“I love writing, not worried pleasing experts I meet
Knowing at times I miss the metre, rhythm and beat
I love writing, like other writers all over Australia
Anyone who writes should not be labelled a failure.”

Dave’s book is available directly from the Author

David J. DelaneyDavid lives in Cairns, far north Queensland, and although he has only been writing since December 2006 David has self-published two “chap books” covering Australian Diggers tributes, bush poetry, and general poetry.

He never had the chance to serve in the military, but David has family, mates, and former work colleagues who have. An ex-truckie of 25 years (furniture removalist), he and his wife operated their own removal business for 17 of those years. David is branch manager for a vehicle radiator distribution company.