Frank E. Burdett

A True Story

Frank E. Burdett: Rhyme of the Ancient CampaignerWhile on a three-week, deep jungle patrol during the Malaysian Emergency, Frank was attacked by a man-eating tiger. The next morning Frank was used as live bait to entice the tiger out of concealment.

The tiger had claimed seven victims throughout the State of Kelantan and none had survived an attack from this tiger – until Frank.

The Rhyme of the Ancient Campaigner is a 201 verse rhyming poem, which depicts events prior to the attack, the attack itself and the aftermath, which is in itself riveting. The overall story gives an excellent insight into deep jungle conditions as well as the customs and habits of the Malayan aboriginals. This is indeed a unique experience and Frank has, to his credit, inserted several humorous verses to lighten the drama. These work very well. The illustrations by Australian artist, Les Ward, complement the text as do the photographs from Frank’s own private collection.

All these ingredients add up to a well-balance recipe that makes a memorable, exciting and captivating read. You won’t be able to put it down!

Frank E. Burdett: Rhyme of the Ancient Campaignerrank E. Burdett: Rhyme of the Ancient Campaigner

Frank Burdett, who has resided in Australia since 1997, served with the 1st Battalion, New Zealand Regiment, initially as an infantry patrol signaller. He served two years on Active Service during the final phases of the Malayan Emergency, 1957-59.

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After reading Frank Burdett’s book, I felt relief. It's a book for everybody: kindly tell the world about it. God bless him

Gloria Paul
May 14, 2013