F. William Broome


F. William Broome: Kicking Leaves BarefootThese new works are from a writer who demands attention in a genial and lively manner, only to shake loose your firmly held, convenient and comfortable viewpoints. From its pages spring imaginative life slices, captured in 100 brief episodes. The author’s long life includes the hard times of a major depression, a world war, and two lengthy careers in business. He has his say with humor and candidness, which are equally at home in fiction and non-fiction. Each of these treasures are from the heart of a man, giving of himself in the way things were back then, while keeping faith with today’s interests and vexations. The marvel is how the author includes so many notable experiences, reflecting the joy of living, in one book. This is pure prose defining those times and places quickly fading away – the ones we want to remember, but don’t. Kicking Leaves Barefoot gives a chance to be young again – to kick leaves – or whatever deserves kicking. But greater, are the tender moments from an all encompassing love that is sure to melt the hardest heart around.

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F. William Broome
147 Elbert Gaddis Rd.
Dahlonega, GA 30533-3259 (USA)

Telephone: 706-864-1562

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F. William Broome: Kicking Leaves BarefootA native of Covington, Georgia (near Atlanta), Bill lived in metro Atlanta from the age of five. After graduation from high school in 1938, his classes at Georgia State College were interrupted with military enlistment in 1941. World War II service in the Army and Air Corps totaled five years, ending in December of 1945. Two rewarding civilian careers involved him in working with volunteers, persuading them to underwrite and support city and area development programs and organizations. He served twenty-seven years as a local Chamber of Commerce executive in several Southeastern cities. His last assignment was in Charleston, South Carolina. In April of 1972, Bill entered the commercial real estate field in Atlanta and in 1975 he opened his own firm. He retired in 1997, after twenty-five years in industrial real estate brokerage during Atlanta’s most active growth period. Bill’s poetry often reflects varied interests, passions and convictions during eighty-three years of intense living. He published his memoirs in 2000, a 300-page, hard cover, illustrated volume. Kicking Leaves Barefoot is his first published poetry collection. Bill and his wife of sixty-two years, Trulie, live in the beautiful mountains of North Georgia where they are often visited by two daughters, a son, six grandchildren and a growing number of great-grandchildren.