Tim Bone


Sometimes I get the feeling
That I’m on the chopping block
Being judged by some impressions
In which people put great stock

Never hearing my opinions
Or my reasons why I feel
What appears to be extremist
But in fact are just as real

As the pointed words another
Has no problem calling me
Like paranoid and shutdown
Look how fast you all agree

As if you know my status
And condition of my heart
Two sides to every story
Everybody plays their part

I may not speak as often
I may not say as much
Does that mean I am the problem?
Are my ways so out of touch?

I have news for you my Sweetness
‘Cause the way I seem to you
Isn’t always so on target
And sometimes is just not true

But God forbid I tell you
You have your own ways to hide
Then the public might take notice
And not be so fast to side

This poem was prompted by “Round One” ©Copyright January 27, 2006 by Robin Amy Bass and, in turn, prompted the revision, “Round One Revised” ©Copyright January 29, 2006 by Robin Amy Bass and inspired the responses “Round Two” ©Copyright January 29, 2006 by Robin Amy Bass and “Chopping Block… My Chips” ©Copyright January 29, 2006 by Faye Sizemore