Tim Bone


I can make a study
Of your habits and your flaws
And I can know exactly what to do
Life is very easy
Just as long as it is yours
And my life is a simple thing… for you

I can take a survey
Of your friends and enemies
And I can know exactly who is who
Tell you who you should ignore
And who to try and please
And my life isn’t difficult… for you

I can show you who to love
And who you ought to leave
And how much you should let them put you through
When you should go out
And when it’s time to go to sleep
And my life isn’t hard at all… for you

So I really don’t know why
I didn’t think of this before
But you and I should pull a Switcheroo
Neither one of us will have a problem anymore
‘Cause you can live my life
And I’ll be you