Tim Bone


Been lying sort of low for a bit, so I figured I should check in.

First off, I got back the Medical Tests results, and everything in the bone marrow and related areas came back negative. That still puzzles and amuses me, how in medicine, Negative is a Positive thing. But, so it is, and so I am ok there, they tell me. There are still a lot of the problems going on that caused all these tests to be taken, and they remain without explanation for now. Still, I know it isn’t all the really bad news things it might have been, so that’s consolation.

They may never find out what’s causing these symptoms, but I guess I can live with that. I think I may have stopped losing weight lately, and if so, that would be really good. The pain I have is still a problem, and the nausea keeps happening off and on. Can’t have everything, can you?!

I get into these periods of solitude now and then, and I suppose I am in one at present. Just seem to go into my head and kind of back up from things. PTSD isn’t running high right now I don’t believe, so I guess it’s just the way I am sometimes. It’s only when I think about it (Like right now) that it seems odd to me.

I feel tired a lot, and it’s late right now, so I’ll bail. I just want to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to anyone who qualifies. I hope everyone is feeling and doing ok.

Be well.