Tim Bone


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: May 20, 2005
Awarded: May 20, 2005
“Still”, I whispered, C.J. heard
And froze right when he heard the word
No motion was how we’d respond
“Still” meant danger lurked beyond

He didn’t see the NVA
About to cut him down that day
I had the angle on that hill
Today was my turn to call, “Still”.

A single second passed me by
I raised my weapon to my eye
I took aim past my Brother’s head
And suddenly was filled with dread

Inside it took eternity
To weigh the possibility
I could be off a single inch
And what if he should breathe or flinch?

I’d always figured the tough spot
Would be the one who might get shot
But now I questioned what I’d do
I wished I stood in C.J.’s boots

I felt myself squeeze off the round
I smelled the powder, heard the sound
The shot passed right by C.J.’s ear
The Regular was gone, “All clear”.

C.J. took a look at me
Then shrugged and moved out, fearlessly
I wiped my face and closed up ranks
Not knowing how to pray my thanks

It was another month or more
A whispered word, to me a roar
C.J.’s voice, a baritone
“Still” he said, I froze like stone.

This poem inspired “Combat…” ©Copyright May 21, 2005 by Anthony W. Pahl