Tim Bone


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: December 8, 2005
Awarded: December 8, 2005
The dusk had started setting
It was Sunday, awful heat
On that fifth day of December
And our Mission was complete

We were almost in position
Where the LZ would be staged
We were in pull back rotation
When the enemy engaged

I looked back for Rick and Eddie
Who were bringing up the rear
But they had taken cover
I knew Charlie must be near

I dropped and rolled twice over
To get off the open trail
When I felt a blast of wind that
Blew across me like a gale

I must have lost my rifle
So I tried to look around
When I felt a raging fire
And I saw blood on the ground

I fell into confusion
With a stare upon my face
In my mind there came but one thought
Just to get out of that place

Then a pain so unfamiliar
I had never felt before
Raced through my whole body
When I tried to stand, I saw

There was blood around my elbow
And that burning flesh bad smell
And when I tried to bend it
My legs crumbled and I fell

I thought about my rifle
I was trained to keep it close
I thought about this damn war
And the life that I had chose

But it only was a moment
That I came close to regret
‘Cause the men I shared my life with
Are the finest I have met

So a chill of fear ran through me
As I came to realize
If I was hit and bleeding
What about the other guys?

I called out something loudly
I’m not sure of what I said
I still could hear gunfire
So I guessed I wasn’t dead

The next that I remember
Someone’s face was over me
“I’ve got you now, My Brother.
You’ve been wounded, let me see.”

“Wait, what about the others?”
I could hear me asking him
“We will get you all out, Brother.”
“What’s your name?” I told him, “Tim.”

I was carried to the chopper
And we all were flown away
On that fifth day of December
We all made it back that day