Tim Bone


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: June 2, 2005
Awarded: June 2, 2005
Lately I’ve been wondering
Why sometimes I feel stressed
I get a feeling something’s up
A tightness in my chest

I fight the need to up and run
Toward where I ought to be
Because I don’t know where that is
But something’s calling me

I hear the Slicks pass up above
Their rotors shake the walls
And that’s the signal to mount up
You answer when She calls

But then again there’s something wrong
There’s something out of place
I look in to the mirror here
I’m older in my face

I know this War is aging me
But this is far too much
It can’t be just another day
My God, I’m losing touch

I think I am awake, I think
It must be just the heat
I step out of my rack, but wait
There’s no boots at my feet

I wipe my hand across my face
And look in to my palm
I turn and see a feather bed
I listen, there’s just calm

Where am I man, where am I now?
I’m asking right out loud
I wait a beat and ask again
And then my head is bowed

I hold it in my shaking hands
And rock from side to side
It isn’t till my hands are wet
That I know that I’ve cried

I am not still in Vietnam
I’m not there anymore
But here in what I call my home
Yet still, I fight that War