Ron Bliss

Ron BlissRon has been writing poetry since he was about ten years old. While he feels compelled to write poems of love, he does enjoy writing others as well. People know him best when they have read his poetry because they have seen into his heart and soul.

Some of Ron’s poetry has been written specifically for people he knows and has known. Some of it is generically written for that person he has never met. Considering that, perhaps one of his poems was written, especially for you. His poetry is of exceptional importance to him because it is who he is. Until he draws his last breath, he will write.

Ron’s wife of 44 years, Donna, has served as inspiration for much of what he has written. She is Ron’s best friend, daily companion, and soul mate. Ron states that he would be lost without her for Donna is truly his hero and the wind beneath his wings.

More of Ron's poetry can be read on his website
Ron Bliss: Soul of a Man
Born and raised in Ohio, Ron is a father and grandfather and a friend to all who wish to be his friend. He loves life with refreshing zest and feels at home in all of nature.

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