Lucille J. Biscaglio


Dear John, Dear Billy, Dear Mike,

Go back where you came from!
You belong, back in the jungle.

What you have been doing is wrong.
We aren’t grateful that you
in lieu of we, the free
were in harm’s way.

We weren’t readying the ticker-tape
tying yellow ribbons,
praying for you,
gratefully waiting
to welcome you home.

No, we were much too busy;
busy protesting, tie-dyeing,
hair growing, sitting-in,
dope smoking, free-loving,
bare-breasted dancing
with flowers in our hair

While you – you were busy
freely loving freedom, us and your brothers
bloodied by razor grass and bullets;
crawling, humping with jungle rotting boots,
protesting to God
protesting – the dying

Dear John, Billy, and Mike,

Some of us wonder today,
still oblivious as we see you
Vietnam Veterans,
with mind, body, spirit and soul
going back where you came from!

With little regard,

Citizens of Your Country