Lucille J. Biscaglio


He has carried them so far
in his heart, on his mind
With every step, every breath
always with him, all the time.

This burden has bowed him,
though his shoulders are strong.
He has carried them so far;
the journey’s been long.

How long he has traveled
destination unknown,
But he’ll carry them always
this mission, his own.

They’re his friends; they’re his brothers
Till the end, from the start
Oh no, they’re not heavy –
the weight’s in his heart.

Within and without
awake; little sleep
each day finds them closer
but the struggle is deep.

As he carries them closer
inside he feels fear.
The steps now are harder
because they’re so near.

He’s carried them with him
though he didn’t know where
He knows he can make it;
they almost are there.

He struggles these last steps
he knows he won’t fall
he’ll carry his brothers
to their names on The Wall.

Both souls and survivors
the best of the best
they’ve traveled together –
Together they’ll rest.

The “Angel of the Wall” Trilogy

Part 1: Angel of the Wall by Richard D. Preston
Part 2: I Know the Angels by Anthony W. Pahl
Part 3: Long Weight by Lucille J. Biscaglio