Lucille J. Biscaglio


On the edge again they stand
beneath the same moon
no harm
their arms,
are imminently twined
They know the time is oh so soon

The words they speak sound different
and still are just the same
as friends
and ends
often evidenced by signs
of their mingled heat and pain

These brothers, these mates, these whispers
beneath the moon they view
with longing
and belonging
to communities of present times
love’s reunion in their view.

Poised thus ~ they know with certainty
this and other moons will reveal
that oh
it’s so
what’s ahead and behind
is home – as their hearts together heal.

From their homes in different places
almost here
very near
they’ll come to live again ~ it’s time
to touch their hearts’ faces

Mates and brothers are still with them
Home behind the moon is where they are
they reach
with each
reflection from the moon, The Wall ~ This line
so narrow ~ will always keep them never far.

Author’s Note: This sequel to “Dying They Came Home” is respectfully dedicated to the special heroes who inspired both of the poems, Richard “Boondocker” Preston and Anthony “Bushranger” Pahl, and all their Mates and Brothers ~ “always were, always are, never far”