Lucille J. Biscaglio


Would you have done this,
flown across a continent
to embrace a brother and friend?

Might some have forgotten
soft-whispered, fiery, sacred place
that Warriors’ Spirits defend?

Many would not have done this;
walked with mate and souls joined
freezing, through new snow.

Many would have forgotten;
not walked on burning sand
to Spirits’ home plateau.

Might some have walked the other way
avoided paths unknown
expressed regrets profound?

Will you ever walk his way
with trust and magnanimity,
faith’s choice be where you’re bound?

Author’s Note: For Anthony (Tony, Bushranger, guns) Pahl – a friend by any name is still a beloved friend. These humble words fall short of expressing my thanks to Anthony W. Pahl, a Vietnam Veteran friend from down-under who visited the USA at the end of a most difficult year. His nobility and integrity has created, shown and shared with us, landmarks on the path of friendship, brotherhood and faith.

Submitted for the January 2002 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “The Walk