Stacey N. Binning

Stacey N. BinningStacey is a POW/MIA/Veterans’ issues activist, animal-lover, book worm and a Texan. Her Grandfather fought with the 36th Infantry Division in WWII, earning the Purple Heart while in France. Beyond his service, Stacey has no ties to the military, and never knew any of the men (and women) still unaccounted for from the Korean and Vietnam Wars, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about them.

Stacey N. Binning
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After Stacey “adopted” her first MIA, she soon adopted the other person in the incident with him, then decided to adopt a person unaccounted for from each branch of the Armed Services. Using their loss incident reports as a basis, she launched her web site. It started out with around ten pages and now exceeds two hundred pages, and was restructured in 2009.

Whether it be by the bracelet that she wears in respect of Dr. Eleanor Ardel Vietti, the large POW/MIA decal on her car window, the letters she writes to Congress, or, of course, her web site, Stacey is making sure that the people of America, and of the world, realize that there are still honorable men and women out there who deserve to be home.

A man is not dead until he is forgotten.

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