Taryn K. Bevington


Tanya K. Bevington: What I SawI was walking with my mom.
I saw a teddy bear marked Jasson.
It looked sad and was holding a picture
of what looked like a boy on his seventh birthday.

I heard, then saw a woman crying.
I noticed she was alone.
I saw pictures… notes… and flags.
I saw roses too.

But the most important thing I saw that day was…
my father’s name.

This poem was written in late 2003 (around Veteran’s Day) by my then 11-year-old daughter. I was just so surprised and impressed with her ability to step inside someone else and be empathetic that I was inspired to do this for her [Submit the poem to the IWVPA Website: Editor]. Both of her Grandfathers are Vietnam Veterans and she wanted to write this after a class discussion on Veterans’ Day and the Vietnam Memorial.

Thank you
Alan C. Bevington
February 26, 2004

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall: Washington DC