Robert W. Beskar


As America prepares for Christmas 2009
It’s still about a child, who also was Divine!

He came to light the way, and bring us peace of mind
And promised to be with us, until the end of time!

Yes, Jesus is the main theme, of this special day
That most of us believe in, across the U. S. A.

But there’s a move today, and it’s growing ever more
To remove Him as the reason, of what the day is for!

We’re still a Christian nation, no matter what some say
Just go by any church, this coming Christmas Day!

You’ll hear the choirs singing, praises to the Lord
And prayers for peace on earth, as He’s worshiped and adored!

And yes, we have a Christmas tree, and share a gift or two
It’s our way of showing love, to a very special few.

And what about “Old Santa”; of course he still fits in
He’s a part of Christmas too, and still remains a friend!

He brings to all our children, a smile to their face
As he travels Christmas Eve at a very rapid pace!

So call it what you will, but I like “Christmas” best
For it fits the day much better than any of the rest!

Have a Merry Christmas!!!