Amy Louise Berry

Amy Louise BerryAmy was born in Brisbane in January 1992. She has attended almost every ANZAC Day Dawn Service since that time, and has a large number of ancestors and friends who served in the wars and enjoys finding out as much as she can about all our servicemen and women.

Her favourite subject at school is History and Amy particularly enjoys the units when she can expand her knowledge about the heroes who served our Country during those difficult and trying times. Amy also enjoys talking to as many different veterans as she can. The vast majority of her pocket money is used to purchase books about war and she is slowly building her collection.

In her spare time Amy enjoys music and softball and hopes one day to become a music teacher with history as her second teaching area. Having already performed at a number of ANZAC Day School Services, Amy enjoys the participation in these special occasions immensely. She is looking forward to obtaining the music for all the hymns played during these services in order to continue to improve her service to the veterans.

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