Ruby Alexandra Beloz


St MichaelDear Lord I have finally settled for peace
It’s taken me so many years
To see that it was always right in front of me
Your love for my salvation has brought me to my knees

I must confess I lived a shameful life
Ruff and rocky roads that led to nowhere
Just another fallen sinner
Whose life never got to shine

Dear Lord please forgive me
I am sorry I let the years roll on
I tried to live life on a straight line
Lost to the streets of Hollywood

No time for regrets
No time for looking back
Only time to make amends

I did so many things that were really dumb
Took me long enough
To realize youth is wasted on the young
Bad thinking and decisions that was wrong

So I let the time roll on
Live and learn Live and learn
Life passes you by at the speed of light
No time to sit back and ask why

I asked you for an angel
To keep me on a straight and narrow path
To keep me strong
So you sent me St Michael

The first thing he did was to take away
All of my booze and the drugs
Somehow that seemed to change my bad luck
St Michael never leaves my side

We have grown older together
He has helped me get a little wiser
There’s a lot more gray in my hair
As I looked into the mirror

There are hard lines in my face
That marked my carelessness of my life
I have seen so many things
But St Michael still stays by my side

So we both now let the years roll on
St Michael over the years has made me strong
The peace I feel is a welcomed change
Dear God you have blessed me with old age

Blinded by my youth I just couldn’t see
Thank you Lord I am finally free!
And thank you for letting
St Michael stay with me.