Ruby Alexandra Beloz


Oklahoma City Memorial: 2001
Oklahoma City Memorial: 2001
I went to Oklahoma on a business trip.
I could not leave Oklahoma City
without paying my respects;
So off to the Oklahoma City Memorial I went
Not knowing just what I would find.
I paid my fee to enter the museum as I got in line
There were many Visitors just like me
We could not believe our eyes
Of what we were about to see!
We started at the museum’s third floor
In total silence we walked through that door
What I saw was way more than I wanted to see
Looking at all of the Victims personal things
My life just then froze in time as I looked at this little baby’s shoe
At that moment they owned my thoughts and my heart too
Right then I could feel their spirits all around me
They were once Men, Women, Kids and Little Babies
I asked myself: what kind of animal could of done all of this?
He hides behind a mask of HATE and needless Terrorism
Oklahoma City keeps asking over and over again: WHY?
Heartless and cruel without any reasons
He feels nothing about what he has done?
I make my way down to the second floor
Trying to escape all this sadness as soon as I can
It was too late when I saw all of their faces staring at me
When I closed my eyes I could hear the sirens and their screams
Their spirits wanted for me to never forget
Their stories I would carry back with me without any regret
That this was real and not just a bad dream
Of all that happen to them on April 19th 1995
I felt so much grief for all that I saw
Feelings of Anger, Chaos and Sorrow as I slowly wept
But when I saw how the people of Oklahoma City pulled together
How they fought to save so many lives
They were Worker’s, Nurses, Husbands and wives
Policemen, Rescue Teams and Fireman
Pulled together to save most of them
When I got back to my Hotel
I sat in the dark in my room all alone
With the memories of the 168 in my mind
I got down on my knees and I began to cry
I prayed to God and asked him: Why?
I asked God to bless Oklahoma City’s 168
Who died in Oklahoma City at the hands of HATE
My business trip is all over and done
I will never forget that Oklahoma City still cries at night
For the loss of One Hundred and Sixty Eight lives
At the hands of Terrorism and so much HATE
Even though they can’t forget
How this bombing has really affected them
I pray to God for Oklahoma City to find peace and healing
I have left my tears behind as a witness of what I have seen
Oklahoma City you have captured my heart and my memories
Of a brave City that stands tall among them all.

God bless you Oklahoma and farewell.