Ruby Alexandra Beloz


Santa Monica MarinaSanta Monica beach on hot summer day
Sunset seascapes blue skies
Seagulls soaring
Children flying kites
Past memories keep passing me by

Looking back through time
Brings back silent smiles
When life for this child
Moved painfully slow

I thought I would never grow up
Now my time moves pretty darn fast
Looking back nothing really ever lasts
The seasons came and went

Another birthday is here
As I stood in the bathroom
I just stared at the mirror
Wondering who the person in the mirror really was

My beautiful dark curly hair
Has faded gray over the years
My big brown eyes have seen way too much
Every wrinkle is noticeable by my frantic touch

Babies were born to my friends
Christmases came and went
I never married yet I have no regrets
My Lord never blessed me with a child

Don’t tell anyone, but I think that was a good thing;
Not everyone is born to raise a family
Some of us just never grow up
Inside we are really just kids

So I sit on the hot sand
Looking out to the tide coming in
Wondering what happen to all of my years
For long time, I was lost to the busy world

I am one of the few that were lost to the sea
But somehow I fought back through rough waters
I washed up on the shore slightly burse
So I stood up dusted the sand off my skin

I can’t help but look back
I silently ponder and reflect
I realized it wasn’t really all that bad
Not everyone makes it back

So my hair is a little gray
And my wrinkles show on my face
My scrap book tells no lies and shows who I was
Memories of who I am leave my mark in life

I sit on the beach and watch the tide roll in
The sunset has turned into sundown
The Sun has lit the sky red copper
It’s time to go home with no regrets!