Ruby Alexandra Beloz

(For Mother’s Day, 2004)

She dreamed she was sitting in her rocking chair
Her hand touching the glass on the window
Trying to picture her son’s face
When their lives were in a happy place

As she looked out into the yard

Her memories carried her way back in time
To the days when her boy played
With plastic tanks and army men
With all of his childhood friends

She could hear them playing
Outside in the front yard
He seem so very small
Way back then

When a Mother could always protect him!

She heard herself calling for his name
Tommy it’s time to come on in
Wash up before dinner son
Your father will be home soon

She fell asleep deeper into her dream
She thought she smelled
The scent of roses
Everywhere in the air

She thought she heard her son’s
Voice calling her from a far away place
Just then she heard his voice say
Mama don’t cry for me any more

I fought for freedom in Iraq
But, I died for my country and my flag
Fighting for what I know is right
Just the way Dad did back in Vietnam

Mama please don’t cry for me any more
I picked these Yellow roses
From God’s heaven
So I could bring them to you

On this very special day

So mama, please wipe away your tears
Remember how much I love you
Every time you see a yellow rose
Remember I brought roses from heaven

On this Mother’s Day
And every year I’ll come
To whisper in your dream
Just how much you mean to me

I love you mommy dear
And every year I’ll
Bring to you from above
Yellow Roses from heaven

From your loving son!