Ruby Alexandra Beloz


Ruby A. Beloz: Who Will Cry for the Soldiers?
Who kept the faith and fought the fight; The glory theirs, the duty ours: Wallace Bruce

IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: May 30, 2003
Awarded: May 30, 2003
Who will cry for the Soldiers:
Those that have given their lives
Of all the Wars that passed through time?

Who will lay a flag
At his or her grave?
Who will member them
On this Memorial Day?

Who will cry for them now?
Their shadows that cry behind the walls
Have we forgotten they gave all?
Yes, these brave Soldiers took the fall

So we can live in Liberty
So we can live in the land of the free
So we can have freedom of speech
Yes, so we can be who we want to be

Who will cry for the Soldiers
That gave their lives?
Who will lay flag at their side?
Who will remember this Memorial Day?

Remember they paid the price
Remember they made the supreme sacrifice
Remember they died for you and me
Remember the reason we are free

Remember why today is Memorial Day
Remember to take a moment to say a prayer
Remember it’s ok to cry for the Soldiers
That once stood tall or the POW’s
Who never made it home

Please take a moment to remember them
Teach your children why today is a special day
Teach them to remember Memorial Day
Who will cry for the Soldiers…
Those of us left behind!