Ruby Alexandra Beloz

Ruby Alexandra Beloz - White Markers


Driving in my car
down Sepulveda Boulevard,
I caught a glimpse way off far
of shadows and white light in my eyes

When I turned around
I realized
it was a Veteran cemetery!
Thousands and thousands of white markers
lined up, row after row.

I felt your souls
crying out.
Your voices were whispers in the breeze.
You were all staring at me;
now you have my full attention.

What I see is so plain to me…
Death surrounds me everywhere
but you are not dead.

I stopped my car and made a u-turn.
That there are so many of you,
really hit me hard, as I drove up in my car.

I walked towards you
as your voice called my name.
You were telling me who you once were;
I heard your voices in the wind.
One by one
you told me who you were:

A mother’s son
Buried in dirt
now marked in white.

You told me you served my country
and you paid for it with your lives
so that I and others could realize
our way of life
was bought with your death;
the Supreme Sacrifice.

Freedom comes under the wings
of others; some of them
Fathers, Sons and Bothers.
You all wore your boots
as you marched to War – a living hell.

You told who you were:
Air Force

I don’t really know who you are
so I sit with you for a little bit.
As I read your names,
I try to imagine
where you all have been.

I start to feel guilty;
your voices are now silent.
They bring tears to my eyes
for you paid for my freedom
with your very lives.

No, I can’t imagine
where you have been
so I offer you my prayers instead.
I promise you the next time I drive by,
I will come and visit you again.