Ruby Alexandra Beloz


White DovesLord I’m looking up to the skies
Trying to find a reason why
Our country sent us to this WAR to fight
I’m calling on your Angels to give us a sign

Lord here we are standing in the sand
Every man taking a stand
Each man drawing lines in the wind
No winner’s only dead everywhere

Lord can you see my brothers dying
Can you see my sweet sisters crying?
Can you see our brothers dying in our nurses’ arms
Lord, can you see us praying in the sand

Lord you are the mighty Savior and King
Please forgive me from what I think
Please don’t abandon us
Can’t you see our souls blowing in the dust

Lord, please make us strong and proud
We need you now more than never
Give us strength to carry our Flag through this thunder
Please remove our fear as our brother’s die here

Lord can you hear the fear pounding in our hearts
Please give us the strength to soldier on
Please makes strong
I’m calling on your Angels to give us a sign

Lord let us leave no brother or sister behind
We are asking that you stay by our side
Protect us from those that kill on hide
Bless us for our fight is right

Lord don’t forget us
Bring your Angels from the skies
Let them fight by our sides
Let them honor our brave

Let your Angels bless their graves
Let there be hope tonight
Let there be a reason why we fight
Let there be hope, let there be love

Lord let the WAR end and let us go home
Let the rainbows paint the sky
Release your White Doves let them fly

Lord let there be peace
Let the thunder stop shaking the earth
Let the bullets stop flying
Let Iraqi children play again

Lord let here be peace
Lord let there be hope
Lord bring us your love
Lord release your White Doves

Both countries have had enough
Sons and Daughters were lost in the desert dust
Mothers crying for their love ones
Lord forgive me for my sins

Should I make it back?
I will carry the memory
Of brave soldiers that lost their lives
But for right now until peace comes

I will carry my brother’s cross
I will fight and soldier on
I will look to the sky
Waiting for White Doves to fly!