Ruby Alexandra Beloz


I hear the whispers from the Wall
From fine soldiers that once stood tall
As I pass I see the Spirits come alive
They whisper their stories for you and I
For us to never forget how they did not survive
They tell me of a place in a far away land
They whisper the word Vietnam!
They were once young and alive
Marching for freedom for you and I
Stood behind our Flag of Red, White and Blue
These brave Soldiers were the chosen few
They were the ones that did not make it back
Now their names are carved in black
Shame on some us for forgetting them
We have forgotten the price of Freedom
That it was paid with their blood
As they lay dead in the jungle mud
I can see their spirits in the granite Wall
They whisper to me has our Country forgotten us all
I tell them no, there are some of us that continue the fight
We will not rest until all have come home
I thank them for what they have done
I walk away feeling sad and alone
Knowing in my heart not all have come home.