Ruby Alexandra Beloz


May I see my father; he’s in Ward 206D?

He came back from Korea one day in May
With plans of marring his Sweetheart that same day
He wanted to start a family of his own
Have a bunch kids and build his Home

He was not prepared for the voices in his head
He was not prepared for what the voices said
He hid all his fears so his family would not see

Of a man who once was and never will be
He lost his soul on that bloody battlefield
Of human flesh burning and Soldiers that gave their lives
On a hilltop in Korea he saw all his friends die

He wants to live a normal life
But the voices in his head will not leave him alone
He hides his fear in bottle of rum
Hoping the voices in his head will become numb

He hides this from his wife and kids
Praying they will not find out who he really is
His worst fear is that his family knows
That they lost their husband and father
To an illness that has his mind
To voices that talk to him all the time
To the bottle that quiet his nerves
To something that he cannot control
To something that makes him feel like he’s the only one

He finally realizes that this thing is bigger then him
He surrenders to that fact that he cannot go at it alone
No amount of booze will help him forget
All those brave Soldiers that lay there dead

He finally calls the VA to get some help
By this time his family is not longer the same
They wear the battle scars of living with a Veteran

We are a family that does not run
We stand proud of our Father and by his side
We let him know how much we love him
And that he is no longer alone!

We tell him to get better so we can bring him home.