Ruby Alexandra Beloz


Where have all the flags gone
That once flew proudly in my neighborhood?
Where are all the car flags
Passing by, up and down my street?

Where are all the patriotic songs
That drove our brave soldiers off to War
To fight Satan at his own door?
Have we forgotten what we are fighting for?

Only Heaven really knows

Where have all the flags gone?
Have we forgotten NY City’s burning death toll?
Have we forgotten the all Fireman?
There were more then 300 of them!

Tell me neighbor, do you still remember them?
Have you forgotten all the Policeman
And what about the Paramedics
And all the brave they tried to save?

Have we forgotten all our Postal Workers
That died at the hands of Satan’s deadly white dust
And what about those lost brave souls
Who never made it back home?

Only Heaven really knows

Did we forget Todd Beamers last words “Let’s Roll”?
What about his wife and his little boys
And his new baby without a Dad;
Have we forgotten them?

Our brothers and sisters of September 11th
Must not have died in vain!
Dear God, stop the bloody rain.
Show the world our Eagle still flies high in the sky

Tell me, my friend, why does your flag
Not fly with pride in the wind?
Join me in remembering all of them -
Put your flag above your door.

Let’s show Satan in numbers we are strong
Have we forgotten to pray?
Have we forgotten death’s lonely road
For all the brave that died that God awful day

Why are car chases on TV more important
than our Sons and Daughters dying in Afghanistan?
Where have all the flags gone?
Where are the sounds of all the patriotic songs?

Why can I no longer Trust in God
When I pledge my allegiance to my flag
Is that the sound from a familiar Bugle I hear,
Playing the Soldiers’ final death hymn?

Or are they playing taps
For all the flags that have died
At our own hands
and over forgotten time?

I ask you my friend;
Where have all the flags gone?
Have you forgotten them all?
Tell me you remember them

Only Heaven really knows.