Ruby Alexandra Beloz


Throughout the course of time
We have celebrated our victories
From Wars that we have won
The echoes of machineguns
Are never discrete

The sounds of bombs parting the earth
The thunder destroying all that breathes
The smell of burning flesh
Does this measure our enemies defeat!
Are they cowards in retreat?

What is the true price of defeat?
Is it the sound of a Mother tears
As she receives her only son’s flag?
Or is it the silence of his Dad
Who knows his Son’s victory in no more?

How many Wars have we turned the page
Marking our victories
In histories time?
How many Son’s and Daughters
Have given their lives?

How many Wars have we really won?
What can be said of Korea
When we walked away in defeat?
What can be said of Vietnam
As we left in retreat?

No matter what history states
No War is really won
No War is truly complete
Each side gave human lives
Each side celebrated victories in defeat

Each side took pride in their Victories
Each side learned to live with defeat in silence
On the battlefield each side accepted their faith
In the end history turned yet another page
Defeat is the surrender of peace!