Ruby Alexandra Beloz


From far away lands
Do you know the price of Freedom?
Once our brothers and sisters are buried in the ground
From the West to the East

Can there ever really be peace?

Can you hear their sounds in the wind?
Can you hear their restless spirits
As they disappear in
Mother Earth’s hollow ground?

No time to cry for the dead
As rockets keep coming in;
Only enough time to take a stand

It’s another day in this hot desert land
As we are ready to fight this Iraqi madman
Seconds and inches seems to go by
No time to ask why

Calling on all Guardian Angel’s today
To watch over us
At night when the camp is silent and still
The sound of the desert wind has stop blowing

Night’s darkness receives a new fear
Never knowing if we will make it another night

The silence of Warriors from both sides

We take a moment to say a prayer;
I asked God
To watch over my brother
Standing next to me

The sun is rising
Casting a line in the sand
Warriors who came to fight in this desert land
Ready to die for what we were told

One side fights for Red, White and Blue
The other side fights for a madman
A killer of women and children

And my trigger is squeezed…

God forgive me for killing
This Iraqi man