Ruby Alexandra Beloz


Ruby Alexandra Beloz: War Hero

IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: November 10, 2003
Awarded: November 10, 2003
What price has been paid
For the Hero who came home so sad
My Dad wore a shiny Silver Star
He came home with chest full of medals

Wearing silver wings and two combat stars
For jumping out into Gods sky
Into the mouth of Korea’s hell
Geronimo the Paratroopers would yell

But afterwards what stories
Would the War Hero’s children tell?
Of a father who was imprisoned in his own cell
He stood in silence like most men did back then

He never talked about what was silently killing him
Instead he just got angrier and angrier
The War Hero took it out on the ones he loved
His wife and five children he betrayed

Tell me do you know the price of a War Hero’s wings
We lived in constant fear, tell me War Hero
Do you know the price a of your children tears
Growing up with a War Hero was a price we paid

Duty and honor was what kept us there
Darkness we lived in total fear
War Hero’s never cry
But his children

Hide the War Hero’s tears deep inside!
Crazy emotions like a roller coasters ride
Lost prayers to God they can’t see
And a father that doesn’t feel

The War Hero sits in his favorite chair
In the dark looking out into space
The TV’s on but there’s no body there
Daddy, daddy won’t you come out to play

Daddy won’t you throw the ball
But the War Hero is frozen in time
Lifeless behind the man he can not find
The child does not understand so she just cries

What is the price of Father these days
One that comes out to play
One that does not drink his family away
Tell me War Hero why do you beat my mom

What is the price of a War Hero going for these days?
What ever it is, the price is way too high
So the child sat and wrote a letter to God
“Dear God please take back the War Hero
And just gives back our old Dad”

Keep all of his medals
He won’t need them to play ball
And Dear God one more thing
Please make sure our Daddy is not so sad

Submitted for the November 2003 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Cost