Ruby Alexandra Beloz


Dear Lord I’m down to one last prayer
With one jump boot in my grave
Lord won’t you save my brother next to me
Lord can you please STOP the bleeding will just stop the bleeding

Lord I’m running out of prayers
The sound of Angels trumpets is coming near
I hear the music on Angels wings it’s coming closer then I want it to be
Lord can’t you hear me this is my very last prayer

I got both jump boots in my grave
It doesn’t look like I’ll get saved
My brother no longer screams
He no longer bleeds

The Angel of Death has come for me
The sound of combat grows dim
The sun has faded in the sand
My Soul now blows with the desert wind

The thunder no longer frightens me
I’m six feet to closer to Heaven’s gates
Lord will hold me now
I just took a hit to the head
I no longer need to pray

Both Jump Boots are planted firm in my grave
They told my wife I died for GOD and my country
They gave her Old Glory to remember me
Truth be told I just plain run out of prayers!