Ruby Alexandra Beloz


I look to the sky
As I noticed endless time
I walked across the lawn
Sometime near Dawn
The sun begins to rise
I sit on the cool wet grass
Left over from the morning dew
I sit in silence with my thoughts deep inside
I look all around me
Chaos is evidence of what we cannot hide
I look for my friend who once was
His marker I can not find
So many, white crosses to be read
Engraved with names of so many dead
Here rests Honor in these grounds
Of Pride and Glory all around
Here lie men who once were
Sun begins to cover the sky
With colors of gold and Red
So many names to be read
A tear of blood comes from heaven
To represent what no longer is
The sky is now on fire
Bleeding from deep within
Its hues leave a shadow
That covers every white cross
From White to Grey are these souls lost?
The sky turns from Red to gold
The sun takes over loud and bold
With streaks of gold that light the sky
To remind me all of those who have died
I have finally found my friend’s white cross
I sit on the grass with my little flag
I stick it in the ground
Feeling alone and sad
I say a prayer and ask the Lord
To watch over my friend
Knowing we will never meet again
Nor will we ever speak of childhood memories
All I have left is his name on this white cross
His name was Tommy: he died in Vietnam for Freedom!