Ruby Alexandra Beloz


Today I awoke to a the sound
Of a bugle playing Reveille

Standing at attention
As I watched my flag being raised
Lines of spit shine jump boots rows after rows
I look down and see the reflection of my own face

I wondered if my brothers could see my fear
Hidden deep behind my eyes
No, I hide it buried deep inside

Do they know how I feel?
I stand tall in silence
My blood turned to cold steel
Awaiting my fate to be called today
Wondering if this was really real.

Standing in line
Frozen in time
Ready to answer death’s call
I stand with my brothers
Knowing there is no going back

I climbed into the plane
Knowing my fate.
I looked at my brothers
With their parachutes on their backs
I realized it was all too late

Standing at the door
Ready to pull the chord
I jumped into God’s sky
At that moment I asked God
To give me strength

Instead God gave me wings to fly
I asked God to give my courage
Instead God gave me faith
In case I might die.

For God and my country
I gladly give my life
To the sound of Freedom’s cry

Today was only a drill;
Tomorrow the next jump might be real.
Right now I am safe in my bunk
Waiting for the sound of another Reveille call.