Ruby Alexandra Beloz


Ruby Alexandra Beloz: The Music BoxThey were married for only a short while
One day he came home wearing a great big smile
With a package under his arm
Showing all of his boyish charm
He gave her a beautiful music box

He asked her if she would open it everyday
Because he had been called away
Their country knocked on their door
Asking him to fight in the Iraqi War

She opened the music box only to hear
It was their favorite tune, “Moonlight Sonata”
In the box there was a necklace of pearls
He asked her to wear it while he was away
He asked her to think of him everyday

The day came for him to leave
He was to do his part in the Iraqi War
That night before he left he made love to her
over and over again

Never wanting to let her go
Or the for the night to come to an end
He would play their favorite tune
Moonlight Sonata over and over again

By the moonlight they would dance
Knowing it might be his last
As he held her in his arms
He would whisper to her all of his love

The next day he went off to fight in the War
She stood outside by the door
As he drove off in the middle of the day
Until the image his car was no more

She went to the music box and picked it up
Holding it close to her heart
She opened the music box and offer God her prayers
Trying desperately to hold back her tears

Asking God to remove her fears
To return her husband safe and sound
Every day she would open the music box
And offer God the same prayer

Every day she would wear her pearls
As she touched each pearl in her hand
All she could think of was the love for her man

The bad news was to come in a letter from Uncle Sam
“We are sorry Madam, that your husband die in Iraq”
She dropped the letter to the floor
She went the their bedroom closet holding his things
We too remember his scent

She went the dresser where the music box was
As she held it for one last time close to her heart
She knew it was no use to open it again
Her husband is lost to yet another War

The music box never played again
Their love for each other has been trapped
By the sound of the music box until they meet again