Ruby Alexandra Beloz


Ruby Alexandra Beloz: The LetterDear Mom and Dad,

The days is Vietnam are long and sad
The jungle heat is pretty bad
I am stuck in a foxhole all alone
Waiting for the night to turn to day
So I begin to write you all
That’s when I begin to dream

I dream of cool Californian nights,
Cruising my Hot Rod down Van Nuys Boulevard;
When I shut my eyes and wish real hard
I dream of seeing our City of Angeles lights

I dream of walking in hot sand at Malibu beach
I dream of surfing with my friends
I dream of eating a cold California peach
I dream of eating mom’s apple pie
I dream of eating Rocky Roll ice-cream

When the rockets stop bursting in the air
I thank God and say a prayer

“Dear God, please let me remember my home
Let me remember what my sweetheart looks like
Let me remember the tears on my mother’s face
Let me never forget the pride in my father’s eyes
Before I got shipped to this God awful place
Dear God, please help me to remember it all.”

Mom and Dad got to finished this letter later on
The night has turned to dawn
and Charlie is in our camp

I have to put my pen down
And put my M-16 in my hand
Before I can finish this letter and send it home

Dear Mom and Dad say a prayer for me now!

Your son,

Submitted for the February 2002 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “The Letterbox