Ruby Alexandra Beloz


The coming of dim lights is so near
Darkness is almost here
There’s nowhere to hide
It’s just a matter of time

The darkness and coldness begins to settle in
I don’t understand; it’s a 112 in the shade
The sun no longer smiles over me
I see from a far a dust storm is coming my way

I find myself lying on the sand
I don’t understand
I want to get up and run away far way
But I no longer can feel my legs

So here I just lay
The darkness begins to surround me
The silence in my mind consumes my fears and SCREAMS!
Yet no one can hear me

My mind is in RAGED!
My voice tells asks:
“What the fuck am I doing here?”

Here’s where it all comes back to me
It’s was all for God and Country!
That brought me here to Iraq
Too late to turn back

I hear the voices in my head
The sounds that broke my sanity line
When I finally realized the screams were mine
The Silence is very near!

I see the reflection of the sun shinning
Over a red river that gently flowed:
The river began to flow swiftly
With my own blood as it run down stream

My legs can no longer help me to escape
I no longer will be ale to walk on mother earth again
The ground becomes a gentle warm sea
All of sudden the sea has secretly taken me

I am projected into another dimension not of this World
I begin to witness a kaleidoscope of colors
That I have interpreted as my death
Only I don’t feel dead at all

Is this just a really bad dream?
Do these screams really belong to me?
Now the truth comes to me
Did I really die for God and country?

The Darkness has arrived
My fears have disappeared
The sea has swept me away
Tomorrow another Soldier will replace me…