Ruby Alexandra Beloz


Sergeant Bob Fuca ~ Korean Veteran: circa 1951
Sergeant Bob Fuca ~ Korean Veteran
circa 1951

IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: August 27, 2002
Awarded: August 27, 2002
Today St. Michael put on his best uniform
He went to visit his old friend
He came down from heaven to honor him
He called him is his Silent Warrior

St. Michael brought with him all his buddies
That never made it back from the War
You ask me who this Silent Warrior was
And why does St. Michael give him such praise

He is your Father; He is your Brother and Husband
He is your Uncle, He is your Nephew
He was my best friend

St. Michael came from Heaven
To welcome him to his final resting place

You see the Silent Warrior was once a young man
Who volunteered to fight for freedom in a foreign land
Where he soon found out
He was in no Boy Scout camp

Where he was, was really hell
Where he witnessed death take its toll
The stories he kept deep inside
Stories he never would reveal

He came from a place
Where real men never complained
They kept what they saw
Silently buried within them

As time stopped and stood still
As they tried desperately to take another hill
That day he saw the hill
It was covered with his friend’s blood

Death in War does not discriminate
It took his enemies and his friends
As he tried to wipe Roy’s blood off his hands

The battle ended that day and no one won
Many Warriors from both sides died
He held Roy in his arms
As he watched him take his last breath
He said a prayer and gently closed his eyes

He carried the death of Roy to his grave
Never forgetting it was he that put him there
You Sgt Bob accidentally shot his own friend
While trying to take another hill

Our Nation lost another Warrior that day
St. Michael silently wept next to Sgt Bob’s friend
You see through out the war
He was always watching over him

The Silent Warrior carried the memories
Of all his friends
Hidden deep in his soul
Never letting any one really know
Or anyone getting too close

Korea took his friends
And it also took part of him
On that blood soaked hill
Locked in his mind
So many years have silently passed by

No one in his family really knew
What he went through?
All they knew is that he was once a Marine
So many years ago
Who fought for God and our Freedom

The time has come to an end
The Silent Warrior’s final hour have arrived
His four Sons stand at his side
All of them he raised to be good men
You can tell they are Sgt Bob’s kids
Just by looking into their eyes
They have his smile
But most of all their father’s pride

The Silent Warrior can now take his post at the Lord’s gate
St. Peter can finally get some rest
Sgt Bob has come to take his place

The Honor Guard is in their Marine Corps dress uniforms
Wearing white gloves and carrying the Silent Warrior
His casket is covered with our Nations Flag

They carry the Silent Warrior
To the Soldiers final resting place
The Trumpeter is standing next to his casket by his side

As the Honor Guard removes our Nation’s Flag
They fold the Flag in traditional form
The Soldier gets down on one knee:
He presents the Flag to his wife Linda
Bob often called her his Angel by his side

The Trumpeter begins to
Play a familiar hymn
Known only to Warriors and Soldiers like him

It’s the sound of the bugle playing Taps
It’s the last music a Soldier will ever hear

Just then St. Michael drew his sword
He laid it next to the Silent Warrior’s side
He said good bye for one last time
St. Michael quietly wept as
His image faded away

As the final note of Taps was played
Today they buried a Silent Warrior
A Soldier, Father, Husband and my best Friend

“Hey Bobby it’s me, Roy, and the boys
Welcome home Bro.”

Author’s Note: In loving memory my friend, Sgt Bob who died Friday, October 18, 2002