Ruby Alexandra Beloz


He never got to come home
With the rest of his friends
He was just another forgotten
Prisoner Of War
Forgotten so long a go

The only thing that kept him alive
Was the memory of his Sweetheart.
Her memory he used to help him survive
To get through the day and lonely nights
He suffered years of torture
And could barley get by

At night he prayed to God
For his Sweetheart
To visit him
And when he fell as sleep
His dreams would begin
He dreamt of touching her lovely skin
Of smelling her sweet perfume

In his dreams she would
Come to him to his prison cell
She would ask him to dance
To their favorite song
She would hum the music in his ear
He would put his arms around her

She would fill his heart with the night’s romance
As he held her ever so tight
As they dance by the prison moonlight

She would whisper words of love to him
Always reminding him that he was in her heart
As her sweet lips brushed against his skin
With the hand of an Angel she would fill his soul
He was so grateful for her company
That he would begin to cry
She would wipe away his tears
Removing this night’s loneliness
And taking away all his fears

The cell was filled with the scent of her sweet perfume
As she got closer to him
She smelled like a spring bouquet
That night as the both danced she took him away
From his prison gloom

For just a moment, he no longer felt the day’s pain
After the beatings that Charlie had inflected on him
Just then he was a thousand miles away
From his prison cell during the day

When the morning came
And light shined through his window cell
There was a small spring flower lying next to him
And the morning was filled with her scent
She left the room smelling like spring bouquet

Her memory kept him alive for so many years
He finally got to come home in 1972
She never married in her heart she knew
God would bring him home
As he walked up to the door
In the background he heard the music
From their favorite song
This time it was his turn to
Ask her to dance with him
To celebrate that he was no longer a
Prisoner Of War.

Submitted for the June 2002 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Prisoner of War