Ruby Alexandra Beloz


Last night I dreamt I died
In this forsaken place
Lost between death and time
I am the light that cast shadows

My image is burned in your mind
The last thing I saw was the
Beauty of your grace
As my hand reached out to touch your face

I felt your warm skin against your satin and lace
I knew in my dream you were afraid
That I am the sad news you fear
I am now your Shadow my dear

I am now your tears
I am the thunder that you hear
From a far away land
Of motors and rockets
Blasting in the Iraqi sand

I am the shadow at your side
I now know my dream was not a dream
My flesh and blood no longer move or flow
I am your shadow for ever more
For tonight I have died

In yet another War
My shadow has now
Joined my Brothers
Who now stand at my side

We are the flickers of light
We are now the keepers of memories
We are the shadows
That move at night

I lean forward to kiss you one last time
I was once flesh and blood
Now I am stone cold
I am your eternal shadow
That now guards our love

So when you see my shadow by the light
Please don’t be afraid darling
I have come to kiss you goodnight
Until we meet again

I will always be your shadow
The one you once loved
I’ll be your angel by your side
Until we meet again.

Submitted for the October 2003 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Shadows